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Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor App

The Best Launch Monitor App For Golfers To Analyze, Share & Improve Their Swing.

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The Most Connected App In Golf

The best way for you or your instructor to see, hear and share instant feedback like never before using on-board wifi & Bluetooth.

Customize How You See Your Game
Rearrange what data points are shown on your KIT display, iphone, ipad, apple watch, or spoken to your through your headphones.


App Plans

Use our free app to learn about your game, upgrade to our premium app to see everything.

"Best app design in the game! This app is so intuitive and easy to use. I love how thoughtfully designed it is."
- Full Swing App user via Apple Store
"Amazing! Taken from an OUTDOOR PERSPECTIVE : this launch monitor is amazing and easy to use. Setup takes minimal time. For the amount of accurate readings and data for the price point, it can’t be beat."
- Full Swing App user via Apple Store
"Great User Experience! The user experience is seamless and easy, highly recommended."
- Full Swing App user via Apple Store