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Josh Allen

Trusts His Full Swing Pro 2.0 and Full Swing KIT

Getting the simulator was a high priority for me when I was building the house, this is essentially why I built the basement and there’s no better solution than Full Swing.

— Josh Allen
"I’m a golf junkie, to be able to come down here to play some of the most iconic courses at the touch of my fingertips and play for 15-20 minutes, I’m a homebody so it’s perfect."
Josh Allen has taken the NFL by storm as one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the league racking up wins with the Buffalo Bills and being selected to the Pro Bowl 3 times. When he’s not dominating on the field, he has become known as one of the biggest golfers in the league. When he built his new home, a Full Swing Simulator was a top priority for both him and his teammates to enjoy after big wins and throughout the offseason when not playing in numerous celebrity golf events as a fan favorite.

Products Trusted By Josh


Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

The most innovative launch monitor in golf, powered by 5D-AI Machine Learning Enhanced Radar, gives Josh 16 points of club & ball data along with the ability to review high-resolution videos of his swing from the on-board camera that are sent to our included Full Swing App.


Full Swing Pro 2.0 Simulator

Thanks to Full Swing's Simulator technology, Josh can be prepared for anything using customizable practice areas and playing the world's most iconic courses, all while seeing his real ball-flight on-screen with no delay.