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How Do I Setup Indoor Golf Gameplay on Full Swing KIT and E6 Connect?

Posted: March 28, 2022

Full Swing is excited to bring you the opportunity to use your Full Swing KIT to as a way to play virtual rounds of golf, mini-games or see your ball flight across practice areas on e6 Connect software integrated with your Full Swing KIT.

The below is an shortened version of how to get set up, for a more in-depth explanation, please check out this link to our Support Site.

Here’s a few key steps to get started and then we’ll provide some answers to frequently asked questions at the bottom of this blog.

What You’ll Need:

  • Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor
  • E6 Connect Subscription/Perpetual Plan for KIT
  • Compatible iPhone/iPad*
  • Your Choice of Hitting Net or Screen
  • Turf Hitting Mat
    *If you are hitting into a screen and want to project e6 Connect onto it or are hitting into a net and want to project e6 Connect onto it, you can mirror your iPhone/iPad screen using either Apple AirPlay connected to AppleTV (some TVs and Projectors may have AirPlay built-in and not require AppleTV, check your specific model)

Step 1:
Purchase your Full Swing KIT here for $4,999 or montly payments with Affirm™ for as low as $139/month.

Step 2:
Review your options for E6 Connect plans that are compatible with the Full Swing KIT and make your purchase for as low as $299/annually.

Step 3:
Activate your E6 Connect License with your iPad or iPhone that you will be using to play & practice.

After you have activated your E6 Connect License and have charged your Full Swing KIT unit while updating its firmware to 1.15 (42) or greater, it’s time to get set up for your first round.

You are going to set your KIT 10 feet behind the golf ball and make sure that you have 8 feet (8 feet minimum, 10 feet maximum) in front of the ball for ball flight into your screen or net. The first time you use your KIT into your net/screen, it is time to align your target so your KIT placement is correct and you can mark where to place it behind you every time. The fastest way to do this without starting a practice session in the Full Swing App, use the side button to Set Target, shift unit until aligned to center of your net or screen.

From there connect your KIT to your iPhone/iPad using the e6 Connect App, you are ready to go!

Again for Full Step by Step Instructions, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions about e6 Connect:

How much space do I need indoors to setup my Full Swing KIT for gameplay?
You will need 10 feet behind the golf ball and 8 feet of room for ball flight in front of your screen or net.

Can I transfer my existing e6 Connect license to use with KIT?
No, you will need a new e6 Connect license specifically for your KIT, more details on plans can be found on our page dedicated to E6 Connect plans.

How can I connect my PC or gaming laptop to KIT to use with e6 Connect and what are the requirements?
At this time, the only hardware that will be supported by KIT for gameplay connectivity will be compatible iPhones and iPads.

iPhone® (10 and higher), running iOS 14 and higher
iPad® (7th generation and higher), running iOS 14 and higher
iPad® Air (3rd generation and higher), running iOS 14 and higher
iPad® Pro (all models), running iOS 14 and higher

How do I putt using e6 Connect?
At this time, all putting on e6 Connect will be set to auto-putt as the default in your settings as the Full Swing KIT does not currently measure putting.

How many courses, practice areas and mini-games are available on e6 Connect?
We are offering a variety of plans that range from 5 courses and practice areas in our Perpetual Plan to 100+ courses, practice areas and mini-games in our Expanded Subscription. More details can be found here: E6 Connect plans

Can I play against other e6 Connect users online even if they do not have a KIT and are using a different launch monitor?
Yes, you are able to play against other opponents that do not have a KIT but you will want to ensure your match settings allow for you to auto-putt.

Can I play e6 Connect on the driving range or other full-flight option?
At this time you need to be hitting into a net or screen in order to have the most complete experience as the setting for KIT will be on short-range readings through e6 Connect integration.

Will I get video of my swing when I’m using e6 Connect?
No, video capture is only enabled when using the Full Swing app, not e6 Connect.

Are there other gameplay software platforms supported by KIT?
We are exploring a variety of software platforms that we could work to provide our customers options but at this time at release it will be e6 Connect.