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How Can a Launch Monitor Help Lower Your Score?

Posted: July 10, 2022

There is no lack of golf tech innovations and accessories on the market claiming to improve your swing and shave strokes off your game. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to determine where and how to invest your funds and energy. Any pro will agree that a launch monitor is one thing that should not be overlooked. With 16 points of useful data, golfers everywhere (including Tiger Woods!) are trusting the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor both at home and out on the range. But how exactly does it work?

Find your perfect distance

One of the most frustrating aspects of an approach shot is having a perfect line, but coming up short. The majority of golfers overestimate how far they hit a certain club, whether it’s ego or confusing carry distance with total distance the ball runs out. To avoid hazards that are short of the green and laid out throughout the course, choosing the appropriate club is essential to lowering your score.

With the help of a launch monitor, golfers can figure out exactly how far they hit each of their clubs (both how far they carry, and how far the total distance is). It’s crucial for golfers to understand the average distance for each club in their bag, and refer to that trusted distance while on the course.

Let’s not forget about those awkward distances or half/three-fourth swings. Practicing with the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor can help prepare players for those tough moments on the course and master those tough shots (and maybe even translate them to a par or a birdie).
With the Full Swing app, you can quickly customize the clubs in your digital bag, check averages, and be ready for your next round.

Keeping your game sharp all year long

Regardless of the weather or time of day, the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor now allows players to practice from the comfort of their own home with an indoor use firmware update when you first connect to your launch monitor. With the option to hit into a net or screen, KIT can set up in your garage, basement or backyard in minutes. Don’t let the sun going down end your day, the Full Swing KIT will give you the most effective practice you can whether on the range or at your home.
Not only can you practice using the Full Swing app but when you’re indoors, you can now play virtual rounds with the E6 CONNECT software subscription. Golfers everywhere now have an easy way to practice & play every day, even in the off-season, across 100+ courses, practice areas and mini-games. Don’t feel like it’s only data you can get from your launch monitor, use it as a way to mix up your practice with virtual rounds and even connect online to play tournaments against other golfers around the world.

Knowledge is power

Avid golfers know all too well the frustrations of the games even the best professionals have swing coaches helping them on the PGA TOUR. Diligent practice is crucial to hitting higher quality and more consistent shots on the course, but it’s also important that players learn to leverage real time feedback and data.

The key to each practice session is focusing on a specific area of your game. With KIT, you can now practice with a purpose, with each session being a way to improve an element of your game. Don’t just go to the range or set up in your backyard to get “reps” without knowing what’s happening, instead set up your KIT and get the instant feedback you need to know if what you are doing is working. Whether by checking your video replay on the Full Swing app or looking at 16 points of data, you can turn those buckets of balls into valuable insights.

By collecting data over time through the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor, players will be able to leverage these important insights both at home or on the range and with local PGA Pros or instructors who can make tweaks based on trusted insights.

If you’re ready to make every range session count, it’s time to add the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor to your training routine!