Full Swing Technology

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Ball Flight Tracking

Tracking and simulation perfected

Only Full Swing combines two specific tracking technologies that work together to produce the most realistic ball tracking data in the industry.

  • Largest detection area in the industry
  • Club head speed, path, and face angle
  • Advanced ball spin, side spin, and spin axis
  • Ball speed, launch angle, and direction in real-time
  • Instantly see the direction of your shot

Virtual Golf Courses

The outdoors never looked this good indoors

The top courses from around the world come to life with immaculate fairways, crosscut greens, swaying trees, water hazards, and even wildlife.

  • Standard package included with Pro and Sport Series
  • Six course upgrade packages available
  • Interactive practice ranges
  • Control environmental factors
  • 84 courses to choose from

Swing Analysis

swing better and faster with Swing Catalyst

The fully integrated Swing Catalyst system gives you a better understanding of your golf swing by showing how your feet are experiencing pressure from the rest of your body being in motion.

  • Fully integrated software
  • Multiple high-speed camera angles
  • Foot pressure distribution plate
  • Cloud (online) instruction and sharing

Multisport Gaming

Introducing the next evolution in sports simulation

Play your favorite sports using real sports equipment and experience amazing, life-like gameplay.

  • 13 sports games to choose from
  • Use your own sports equipment
  • Multiple gameplay scenarios
  • 2 sports packages avaialble