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Tiger Woods

82X PGA Tour Champion
15X Major Champion

Since 2015, the only golf simulator
trusted by Tiger Woods

“What led me to Full Swing was it simulated exactly what I as doing on the golf course in the confines of my own house”

The Game Changer.

See How Full Swing Keeps Tiger’s Game Sharp.

There are many legends in golf, but only one Tiger.

He changed the way golfers looked, dressed, played, and worked out…
Then he changed how they practice.

“With Full Swing, having the ability to hit and shape shots at home, just allows me to focus on the tournament and focus on winning.”

“I trusted the numbers right from the get-go.”

Focus on Excellence

With an unrivaled passion for perfecting his game, Tiger looks to Full Swing’s continuous innovation to let him “focus on winning”.

” Full Swing helps me get an advantage before practice rounds”.

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