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MINNEAPOLIS & CHICAGO – As Full Swing Golf entertained guests at the 91st PGA Championship, the company also took a step away from the golf course to partner with Macy’s, the world’s largest department store, to present an evening filled with fashion, music and celebrity appearances.

A spectacular fundraiser, Macy’s Glamorama kicked off the fall fashion season by combining chart topping acts, fashion design, and a live after-party into one unforgettable evening. This year, Glamorama demonstrated a new attitude in our culture that reflects the way the world is evolving.

Following the stylish fashion show and live performances, guests flocked to the the after-party on the 8th floor of Macy’s Minneapolis – a fusion of fashion, art, and music laced with interactive and virtual entertainment. DJ’s, body painting, and aerial dancers filled chromatic themed areas. According to one reporter “…The most popular attraction, especially for those who would rather have been watching Tiger Woods at Hazeltine, was a golf simulation game.” – the Full Swing Golf Simulator.

The Challenge: The par 3, 17th hole on the RTJ Cambrian Ridge Golf Course.
FSG once again teamed up with Callaway to create another memorable interactive indoor golf experience for the guests by holding a closest to the hole contest where guests could take their best shot at a hole in one. The challenge on this night was the par 3, 17th hole on the RTJ Cambrian Ridge Golf Course. Competition was tight as guests kept the simulator busy, but it was the top three winners that walked away with a total of $850 in Callaway gift cards. All of the proceeds from the golf simulator event were donated to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund.

“The contributions made to us through Macy’s Glamorama have helped us to change the way pediatric cancer is treated worldwide,” said John Hallberg, chief executive officer of Children’s Cancer Research Fund. “Thanks to partners like Macy’s and events like Glamorama, more young cancer patients will not only survive, but will thrive after their diagnosis.”

“In thinking through the entertainment options we could provide, Full Swing and their golf simulators quickly came to mind,” said Shadia Hagen, special productions manager for Macy’s. “Their 3-D graphics were amazing and our guests just loved it.”