Pro Series

The only simulator that can combine infrared lightwave technology with high-speed cameras to show your real ball flight, with no delay, for the most complete experience.

The Ultimate Simulator Experience

In the homes of Tiger Woods and other tour champions, the Pro Series is for the player looking for the ultimate in infrared accuracy combined with high-speed cameras.

Starting at $54,900

Included with your Pro Series Simulator:

  • Solid Wood Enclosure and Platform
  • 360° Infrared Tracks
  • ION3 High Speed Camera
  • Energy Absorbing Diffuser Screen
  • Cinema Quality Projector
  • Industrial Grade Carpet and Hitting Mat

Overhead Tracking

ALL FULL SWING SIMULATORS INCLUDE ION3 TECHNOLOGY. Utilizing high-speed camera technology, the Ion3 captures the club and ball at impact, providing HD playback of your club head and delivering the most reliable ball flight and data feedback every time.

Tiger Woods

“Using their patented technology provides the most accurate ball data allowing me to work on shaping my shots and get back into championship form.”

– Tiger Woods – 15X Major Champion

In-Flight Tracking

Infrared Light Waves

The fastest and most accurate technology on the market, only the Pro Series features our infrared technology, using 688 infrared sensors across two tracks, to measure the ball mid-flight at the speed of light. See your real ball flight on screen with no delay in transition from the real world to the simulated world, just like you would on-course.

Ball Speed

Ball Direction

Launch Angle

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PGA Tour & Golf Channel Are Full Swing Partners

With over 60 size configurations, there’s a simulator for your space.

Full Swing is able to offer a variety of options when it comes to sizes, from the most compact full-feature simulator on the market all the way to our widescreen at over 16’ feet wide.

Pro Series Options:

Our modular simulator booth design allows us to offer the most compact, premium full-feature simulator footprint on the market – or go all the way up to our widescreen models.

The Widescreen model is 30% WIDER

Software Add Ons

Add additional golf courses, multisport gaming, and swing analysis to create the ultimate experience.

Swing Analysis

Swing Better And Faster With Swing Catalyst.

Combining Full Swing Simulator Technology with Swing Catalyst’s pressure plate data and intuitive software, see your swing like never before.

Full Swing GOLF Software

The Best Graphics & The Best Courses, Your Game Deserves The Best.

Working directly with the best courses in the world, Full Swing has captured every element of what makes them so special in flawless detail to make your experience unlike any other simulator.

Multisport Gaming

Not Just For Golf, Play Your Favorite Sports Like Never Before.

Your sport, your actual equipment, a whole new experience to play up to 13 different sports on your simulator.

Transform Your Space, Your Way

We will work with you to create the perfect simulator for your home, not just a one size fits all box but a solution that fits your needs and space.

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