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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Full Swing Golf announced today that it has unveiled its new live motion E6 Golf Software, once again setting the standard for lifelike indoor golf and solidifying its top spot in the golf simulator industry.
Developed from the ground up, the new software boasts a seemingly immeasurable number of new features that will capitalize on Full Swing’s incredibly accurate ball tracking system. Some of the impressive – but not so obvious – new features reside under the hood, creating a player experience astonishingly true to life. Of these features, the standout is the new collision modeling that recognizes the various objects on the course and how the ball interacts with them differently. For instance, a ball reacts to hitting a tree branch differently than hitting the flag on a pin.
Some of the more prominent new features, however, create an awe inspiring experience such as the multiple camera angles, real time daylight, and the beautifully redesigned user interface. You actually have to finish your round before the suns sets!
Full Swing Golf’s Vice President of Sales, Brian Brown, spoke about the importance of staying ahead of the competition:
“In an industry where the competition changes their core technology and direction more often than the wind, Full Swing Golf has proven time and time again that our simulator and tracking system are still unmatched for it’s accuracy and quality. The element in our industry that should constantly be enhanced is software, and with our release of E6 we have the perfect marriage of the most cutting edge software in the industry accompanied with the finest and most time tested tracking system. When clients step into our simulator, they understand why Full Swing has been, and still is, the finest simulator experience in the market.”
The most impressive feature of the new release is the live motion environment that allows the players to see the clouds drift at St. Andrews and hear the waves crash at Pebble Beach. Blades of grass rustle and water splashes as you drive your own golf ball onto the virtually real championship golf courses.
The all new E6 software package began shipping worldwide on May 1st. Simulators purchased on or after May 1st will come with the new software as the standard configuration. Upgrades are also available to owners of previous versions of Full Swing Golf software packages.