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Full Swing golf simulator mentioned in Forbes magazine article.
“At the start of the millennium, Lower Manhattan, the square mile around Wall Street and the World Trade Center, felt like a ghost town after dark.
Bustling during the day with roughly 386,000 bankers, brokers, government employees and other workers, after nightfall it was a desolate wasteland with about 24,000 residents. Most stores would close by 6 p.m…

…But with the help of government incentives like Liberty Bonds and the Residential Grant Program, hopeful real estate developers set to work converting those empty buildings and constructing new ones for residential use.  They created high-rise playgrounds chock-full of amenities, and well-heeled New Yorkers responded. Today Lower Manhattan is a transformed neighborhood that 56,000 call home. Residential developments have boomed in tandem with the burgeoning population.  The number of apartments for sale or rent was 13,000 in 2001; as of the first quarter of this year, there are 28,000, according to the Alliance for Downtown New York…

…developers have pulled out all the stops in their buildings, creating decadent dwellings to lure Wall Street’s wealthy workers to their posh pads. The median household income in Lower Manhattan is $143,000, according to the Downtown Alliance, compared to $68,295 for New York City as a whole, meaning more money for fancier digs.

We whipped up a list of 10 outrageous residences catering to Wall Street’s elite, all completed within the last 10 years.  We checked out the current listings on, a New York City-centric real estate listing site, to investigate amenities and get a feel for asking prices and monthly rents.
Many of Lower Manhattan’s new ritzy residences boast the touch of design royalty. Renowned architect Frank Gehry dreamed up a shimmering 76-story high rise (the tallest residence in the Western Hemisphere) at 8 Spruce Street, completed this year. Giorgio Armani’s home line Armani/Casa graces the interiors at the condo building “20 Pine: The Collection” on Pine Street.  French product designer Philippe Starck shaped the interiors of the former JPMorgan world headquarters at 15 Broad Street, where a giant floor-to-ceiling glittering chandelier greets guests at the entrance and A-list actress Natalie Portman has resided as a renter. The Rental Collection at William Beaver House on Beaver Street is the brainchild of famed hotelier Andre Balazs, who offers hotel amenities like concierge service and yes, even 24-hour room service to condo owners.

Landscaped garden terraces, billiard rooms and gyms are as common as elevators and doormen in these buildings.  Some, like Downtown by Philippe Starck and New York by Gehry, boast private screening rooms (though 15 Broad’s was under renovation for some time).  Others peddle golf-related activities like the Full Swing golf simulator at 20 Pine Street and the outdoor driving range at rental complex 90W on Washington Street.”
New York by Gehry also boasts a Full Swing Golf simulator on the 6th floor, adjacent to the game room and grilling terrace.