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Frequently Asked Questions


How does a golf simulator work?
Full Swing’s Patented Dual-Tracking Technology measures club and ball data using a combination of our ION3 overhead camera to capture your clubhead and ball impact data combined with our secondary in-flight measurement in front of the screen (with Two 360 degrees Infrared Tracks for our PRO series or 4 High-Speed Linescan Cameras for our SPORT series) to measure all of your data in real-time, which means you see your real ball flight exactly where the ball hits the screen with no delay as the ball transitions from the real world to the simulated world.
What else can you play besides golf on a golf simulator?
Besides championship golf courses, Full Swing offers many other ways to play on your simulator whether playing one of 13 other sport experiences on Multisport software, arcade style golf on Showdown Golf software, or plug in your favorite video game console or cable box to turn your simulator into your newest home theatre.
Can I play other sports on the golf simulator?
Yes, with Full Swing’s Multisport software, you can play over 13 sports including Baseball (Pitching and Home-Run Derby), Football (Quarterback Challenge and Field Goal Kicking), Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse, Rugby, Cricket, Bocce, Carnival Games and everyone’s favorite, Zombie Dodgeball.
Are there games my young kids can play on the golf simulator?
Yes, Full Swing Simulators are for all ages. From a golf perspective, junior players can play along with you on the driving range or on the course and we also offer our Showdown software to give kids a more arcade style experience as well.
Can I play video games using the simulator space?
Yes, you can play video games on your Full Swing Simulator using the HDMI port on the projector for your favorite console based game or custom gaming computer.
Can I use use a golf simulator as a home theater?
Yes, you can use you Full Swing Simulator as a home theater, anything that can plug into your projector or stream through your computer on the web.
Can I connect my cable box to my golf simulator?
Yes, you can connect your cable box to your Full Swing Simulator.
Can I stream Netflix and other web-based services on my golf simulator?
Yes, you can stream web-based services on your Full Swing Simulator.


How much space do you need to install a golf simulator?
With over 60 different configurations, the answer is, If you can swing a club in your proposed simulator space, it’s likely that Full Swing has a simulator model that will fit well. On average, we recommend the following though if you are looking to build a space: Height: 10 ft Length: 20 ft Width: 13 ft

How do you install a golf simulator?
– With Full Swing, we take care of everything for you with full service project management all the way through installation and training. To learn more, speak to one of our sales representatives.

How long does it take to install a golf simulator?
A typical full-service installation from Full Swing will take about 2 days on-site, we are happy to work with you and your contractors for new builds/renovations to do the installation in multiple phases if easier.
Do I have to install the golf simulator or does your team?
Your assigned Project Management team will work with you to schedule our specialized installers to handle all needs around your installation, all you have to do is let them in the door, we’ll do the rest.
Will your team help me with the design process for my room?
Yes, our project managers have worked with all sorts of spaces and can help you layout the room to optimize the playing experience as well as the surrounding area for guests to view the simulator screen. We also will help your contractor with any technical elements of design such as lighting or electrical conduit locations.
How do I renovate an existing space for a golf simulator?
Connect with our sales team and we will be happy to walk through the process based on your current space and work through the best strategy to getting you playing golf as quickly as possible.
Are there different sizes of golf simulators?
With over 60 different configurations for your space, Full Swing can help you through selecting the best one for your space.


How does a golf simulator actually measure my ball data?
A combination of our ION3 overhead camera measures the club data and initial impact data for the ball then the primary measurements take place in-flight as the ball crosses our infrared tracks (Pro Series) or high speed cameras (Sport Series) directly in front of the screen
How does a golf simulator actually measure my club data?
Our ION3 overhead high-speed camera is dedicated to measuring all club data while also providing instant replay of your clubhead at impact for you to review.
How does a golf simulator know what my ball flight will be?
By measuring your club and ball data not just at impact like many other simulator companies, but again in-flight as the ball approaches the screen, Full Swing is able to measure and calculate based on the impact data , the data collected mid-flight of how it has travelled so far to determine exactly where it will enter the simulated world on screen and where it will land in the matter of milliseconds.
How accurate are golf simulators?
Full Swing Simulators are trusted by PGA TOUR players such as Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, Gary Woodland, Brandt Snedeker, Aaron Wise and more because they are the most accurate in the industry, particularly because Full Swing provides real ball flight so you can see exactly how it will travel on course.
What do golf simulators measure?

Full Swing Simulators measure hundreds of data points in order to give you the most important statistics to golfers, golf instructors and to have the most accurate ball flight. The statistics you’ll see after every shot are:

  • Carry Distance, Total Distance, Club Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Face to Path, Club Path, Backspin, Sidespin, Apex and more.
What club data do golf simulators measure?
Club Speed, Smash Factor, Face to Path, Club Path, Launch Angle
What ball data do golf simulators measure?
Ball Speed, Carry Distance, Total Distance, Smash Factor, Backspin, Sidespin, Apex and more.
What courses can you play on a golf simulator?

Full Swing Golf, our proprietary software is the officially licensed software of The PGA TOUR, offers over 40 iconic courses from around the world. From exclusive PGA TOUR stops like TPC Sawgrass to TGR Design’s Payne’s Valley and Nicklaus Design’s Muirfield Village, Full Swing works with the best designers to bring you the most sought after international courses rendered in flawless detail for the ultimate simulator experience. To learn more click here

Is putting any better than it used to be on a golf simulator?
Yes! On the new Full Swing GOLF has improved the putting experience so that your experience doesn’t trail off when you make it to the green. We have taken all the contours of the green into consideration and your putt will instantly appear on screen rolling just as it was as it passed our sensors on way to the green. For even more specialized putting practice, check out our Virtual Green.
How realistic is playing on a golf simulator?
Full Swing Simulators are the most realistic experience on the market thanks to real ball flight with no delay, meaning you’ll see your real ball flight just like on course if you hit a fade or a draw, seeing it appear exactly where you hit it on screen with no delay. Your post-swing data and ball flight is so realistic that it is trusted as a key way for PGA TOUR players to practice in their homes such as Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, Jason Day, Jordan Spieth, Gary Woodland, Brandt Snedeker, Aaron Wise and more.
Can I use my own clubs and balls on a golf simulator?
Yes, you use your own clubs and real golf balls on our Full Swing Simulators (no need to buy specially marked balls, mark your balls or add metallic reflectors.
Do I have use specially marked balls on a golf simulator?
No, use any standard white golf ball and you won’t have to worry about specially marked balls, marking your balls or adding metallic reflectors.
How long does it take to play 18 holes on a golf simulator?
For an individual, you can play 18 holes in under 45 minutes without rushing at all.
Can kids use a golf simulator?
Yes! Full Swing Simulators are a great way to get kids into golf, it allows for a digital environment that saves a lot of time on-course, no worrying about holding other groups up and kids get to see real progress on screen. Additionally there are other games on our Showdown platform that the kids can enjoy as more of an arcade approach to the game.
How many players can play at once on a golf simulator?
Up to four players can play at a time on our software for a stroke play contest.
I have seen cheaper simulator options out there, why should I get this?
You get what you pay for and there’s a reason why Full Swing is at a premium price, it is a premium product. As the leader in the indoor simulator space, you are paying for the most accurate technology, the best courses with the most high-quality graphics, full service installation and an on-call service department that cannot remote to your system online if you should ever need assistance. Full Swing prides itself on our customer satisfaction post-install and we know that this will be a great investment in your home or business, remember it is not just a golf simulator but also allows you to play over 13 other sports and can also serve as a new place to play your favorite video games, watch your favorite shows, have friends over to watch sports or to be a presentation screen for your office.
Can you install a golf simulator in your office?
Yes! We have helped many corporate offices add a simulator to boost team morale, host clients, be used as a presentation space and in general set the tone that your office is the place to be. We can help with everything from placement, sound, remote booking the space just like any other conference and more to help you through the process.
Do you help develop business plans for commercial golf centers?
While we cannot formally write your business plan to get funding, we can definitely assist if you work with our commercial sales team who can help you with a projected proforma template that they can work through with you to help create a viable plan for proposals. We also are happy to work with you after your construction by providing select marketing assets and potentially working with your social media team to help provide new content or feature your space on our channels.
What PGA TOUR players have installed a golf simulator in their home?

Team Full Swing is made up of some of the best players on the PGA TOUR including Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Brandt Snedeker, Gary Woodland, Aaron Wise and more. It’s not just the PGA Tour players working on their game either as other professional athletes have installed our simulator including the NBA’s Steph Curry.

What is the difference between Full Swing Pro and Sport Series? 
The difference between our Pro and Sport Series is only going to be our secondary mid-flight tracking method in our patented Dual-Tracking Technology. Our PRO Series that features Infrared Tracks or or SPORT Series that features 4 High-Speed Linescan Cameras directly in front of the screen to measure your ball data. To learn more about the difference, our sales representatives would be happy to explain, CLICK HERE TO GET CONNECTED.

Virtual Green

What is Full Swing’s Virtual Green?
It is the only putting green that can replicate every putt you’ll face on the course! Using a series of actuators connected to our computer below the surface, you can use our touch screen to select what type of break you’d like (Left-Right, Right-Left, Uphill-Downhill, Downhill-Uphill, Valley, Crest, Flat) and how extreme of a break. With our Puttview projection integration, you will see on the turf what your aim point and true line to the hole is as you improve your putting like the best in the game.
How does the Virtual Green work?
With a series of actuators built under the turf you are standing on, connected to our computer to select your putt breaks using our touchscreen, the actuators move up and down to build your landscape.
How much space do I need to install a Virtual Green?
We have a variety of sizes that our sales team can work with you to find the best fit for your space. Our smallest option is: 7’7 wide x 12’7 long and our largest is: 13’5 wide x 22’7 long, with the potential for custom options.
How many different types of putts are there on a Virtual Green?

With up to 20 landscape options and the ability to pick your start point with Puttview, the possibilities truly are as endless as you can make up.

What PGA TOUR players have installed the Virtual Green in their home?
Some of the most notable PGA TOUR pros that have installed Virtual Greens in their home are Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Justin Rose & Gary Woodland.

Full Swing GOLF Software

What courses are offered?
Full Swing GOLF is growing to be the best library in simulator software. As the officially licensed software of The PGA TOUR exclusively features some of the best courses in the The TPC Network including TPC Sawgrass. Additionally, Full Swing has partnered with Nicklaus Design to feature some of the most challenging and prestigious courses on The PGA Tour such as Muirfield Village Golf Club and PGA National, as well as some global destinations. By partnering with Tiger Woods, Full Swing will offer TGR Designed courses in the future, to go along with some of the world’s greatest destinations like Pebble Beach and St. Andrews Links. For a complete list, please speak to our sales team.
What courses are coming in the future?
Through our partnerships, you can expect the best courses in the game to come to Full Swing GOLF like you have never seen them before. Please speak to our sales team for the most up to date in-progress list.
How do I update the courses on my golf simulator?
Full Swing has made the process as easy as possible, just like any app update on your phone, you will receive a notice that new courses are available and the next time you open your simulator, you’ll be able to update remotely online.
What courses host a PGA TOUR event on the software?
Full Swing continues to work with The PGA TOUR, as their Officially Licensed Simulator Partner, to build out as much of the schedule as possible so you can play like the pros. For right now: PGA National, TPC Sawgrass, Pebble Beach lead the way with other TPC Courses actively coming up next like Scottsdale, River Highlands and more.
Is this the golf simulator software that I have seen on Golf Channel?
Yes, Full Swing is the Official On-Air Partner of The Golf Channel since 2019 and we are featured in all studio productions such as School of Golf and Morning Drive.
Can I customize my practice range at all?
Yes, Full Swing continues to give you more ways to customize your practice. For right now, you are able to select what yardages targets are placed whether greens, baskets or target sticks. In the future there will be even more ways but for right now, continue to get real club and ball data after each shot, reviewing and comparing your averages next to your shot tracers.