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KUALA LAMPUR, MALAYSIA – It’s official, the first Olympic golf tournament will happen in Rio de Janiero. For the next seven years, Brazil and the Olympic Committee will spend a lot of time and money to make golf a legitimate sporting event amongst the football religious within its borders.
However, while they sort out the details of making golf a success in 2016, the sun is rising on hundreds of brand new golf courses across the Pacific Ocean, on the continent of Asia. In the last 10 years, golf has been booming from the sands of Dubai to the rain forests of Southeast Asia. The game has taken the continent by storm, and a surge of talented Asian golfers has flooded the PGA and LPGA TOURS. As a result, demand for more time on the links is outweighing supply. Not only is it hard to find a course nearby, the courses are usually booked by the more wealthy class.

Enter City Golf – A one of a kind golfing experience that brings the game closer to the people – located on the top floor of the upscale Bangsar Shopping Center on the outskirts of Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. At the heart of this 5000 square foot establishment are four state-of-the-art Full Swing Golf simulators surrounded by a modern, chic lounge and bar that caters to a regular crowd of local businessmen, golf fanatics, and party goers. Several LCD televisions and a movie screen for live sporting events, space for 120 guests, a fully stocked bar, and the attentive wait staff make for a very entertaining evening at City Golf.

But entertainment isn’t the only thing on the minds of Tom Sarginson and Steve Ebsworth, co-founders of the cutting edge lounge. These two business savvy entrepreneurs may know a lot about providing a great customer experience, but they are amidst a giant sporting revolution in Southeast Asia, and they know they have the potential to grow the game of golf at a pace that can’t be matched by outdoor golf development.

“Indoor golf is a new business in Asia,” claims Steve, “We have proven with our first City Golf outlet that the future is very bright, and plans are already in motion for further City Golfs across the Asia Pacific region,”

Armed with the four golf simulators, City Golf attracts a multitude of clientele that return again and again to feed their appetite for getting on the fairway. Those new to the sport who are looking for a way to practice with the aid of a PGA professional can book time individually or with a group. The casual, no pressure setting allows beginners to focus on their swing and analyze their technique without the hassle of experienced golfers at your back. The simulators are so accurate, however, that they even cater to the most discerning professional golfer, allowing them to play a round of eighteen holes in a fraction of the normal interval.

To capture the attention of the more competitive golfers, City Golf attracts a substantial return customer base by maintaining online tournament leagues on a regular basis. By having all four simulators connected to the internet, golfers sign up for tournaments that are managed in a virtual tournament cloud where any people playing in a Full Swing Golf simulator around the world can participate. Regular local leagues, international tours, and closest to the hole competitions are available throughout the year, as weather is no obstacle in this gorgeous space.

“Since we launched FSG’s Online Tournaments at City Golf, we have found that our customer retention rates of those registered players have increased significantly,” says co-founder Tom Sarginson. “The competitive angle suits our better players perfectly and allows them to compete against players of similar standards on a global scale. We have two of the best OT players in the world at City Golf and they are helping to generate significant interest amongst our other regular customers. As the OT community grows, the tournaments and prizes will too and who knows where the future will take this exciting form of the game.”

Growing the game of golf on a continent that is hungry for more that it can get seems like a good start, but these two entrepreneurs know they have what it takes to build a lasting business model.

“Our recipe for success at City Golf is keeping business simple.  The Full Swing Golf simulators provide the best indoor golf experience possible and we compliment this with great customer service, regular tournaments, lessons with our PGA Professional, and a top class bar and restaurant.