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Why Tiger Woods Uses a Launch Monitor To Warm Up

Posted: July 12, 2022

During practice rounds at all 3 major championships that Tiger Woods played in 2022, there was something new that he placed behind him to help get ready, the Full Swing KIT golf launch monitor. Woods has been the face for many new innovations in the golf world throughout his career, including when he installed his Full Swing simulator in his home in 2015, knowing what he needs to play his best. “Over the years, I have used probably every iteration of every launch monitor at some point and none of them have ever been what I needed to make sure I trusted every swing,” said Woods, “I didn’t rush Full Swing, I wanted them to take their time and make it something new, something that was consistent, accurate and easy to use.”

Tiger, along with other pros, are seen with launch monitors week in and week out on Tour as they prepare for the biggest stage so that they can know where their yardages are among other data points to get dialed in for the round. This is something that everyday players benefit from just as much knowing they can trust what their distances are, practicing for specific shots coming up that day and having the knowledge from practice range to on-course that their game is improving. “I asked Full Swing to develop a launch monitor that I knew I could trust every shot with. They delivered and it’s better than I expected,” said Woods. “Knowledge is so valuable in the game of golf, and this provides me with all the data I need to keep progressing.”

With Full Swing KIT’s actual measurements powered by 5D AI Micro-Doppler Radar that are digitally processed across 16 points of club & ball data, you can know that your numbers are measured with absolute accuracy. Or if reviewing swing of your video in high-resolution is more your style, use our built-in high-resolution camera to watch your swings on our included app. When you want to prepare for your next round like a pro, see improvement from range session to session then eventually on-course, get your Full Swing KIT golf launch monitor today with the confidence of a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.