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Tiger Woods Uses Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor At The Masters

Posted: April 8, 2022

On Monday, the golf world waited with anticipation to see if Tiger Woods would be playing in
this year’s first major and he gave them great reason to believe when he stepped onto the
practice area, striping shot after shot while checking his numbers on his Full Swing KIT Launch
Monitor. After working through his full bag and again confirming his numbers were dialed in
with his Full Swing KIT Tuesday morning, he let the world know that he will be playing The
Masters and when asked if he believes he can win, simply said “I do.”

He spoke of the confidence he has coming into the event based on the amount of work that he
has been doing with his team at home leading up to The Masters. Whether he was in his Full
Swing Simulator indoors or using the new Full Swing KIT outdoors, Full Swing is his trusted
technology for a reason.

“People ask me what are the most important parts of a launch monitor. Accuracy and
consistency are everything, Full Swing gives you both,” said Woods, “I know that Full Swing is
measuring my golf ball, not guessing at it.”

“Tiger has trusted our technology for years indoors due to the consistency and accuracy, he
approached us to give him that same level of confidence on the range before his biggest
events,” said Ryan Dotters, CEO of Full Swing. “We knew this would not be an overnight project.
After years of development, we have created the most innovative launch monitor designed for
the best player in the history of the game with a user-friendly experience that will help players
of all levels.”

The entire sports world will be waiting for Tiger to tee off on Thursday morning in what will
mark, yet another amazing return to golf’s greatest venue and Full Swing is proud to be a part of
his journey.