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“Return of the Stinger”: Full Swing’s Tips on How to Hit Tiger Woods' Most Iconic Shot

Posted: November 30, 2017

Full Swing’s Tips on how to hit Tiger Woods’ Most Iconic Shot

With the entire world of golf awaiting Tiger Woods’ return at the Hero World Challenge, November 30th in the Bahamas, Woods has excited fans by releasing videos of himself hitting golf balls, including a recent slo-mo video of his signature “stinger” shot. If you are not familiar with the “stinger”, it’s a knockdown shot that has a low penetrating ball flight and is traditionally used when conditions demand a low, controlled shot that hits the fairway and runs.

While knockdown shots can be intimidating, we came up with our top tips on how to recreate his signature “stinger” shot in your Full Swing Simulator. Here are our some of the fundamentals we recommend focusing on while practicing Tiger Woods’ signature “stinger” shot.

Tip 1:
The No. 1 key for you to focus on when hitting a ‘stinger’ is making an on-plane swing.

Tip 2:
When hitting the ball, focus on the start of your release. We recommend making sure the shaft is parallel to the ground, your left hand downward, which delofts the club.

Tip 3
Keep your arms relaxed through impact. Muscling the ball will only result in a poor release.

Tip 4:
Take a divot on your iron shots to control spin, trajectory, and ball flight. Produce a clean divot on the forward side of the ball, keep the shaft of the club leaning towards your target through impact for the clubface to pinch the ball.

Tip 5:
Your lower body must lead the downswing, meaning your legs must lean toward the target slightly. Your lower body triggers the trap.

Tip 6:
Make sure your left wrist (for right-handers) is turned down gradually to keep the clubface from closing too quickly through impact.

Tiger Woods announced last month that he will be making his return to competitive golf this week at the 18-man Hero World Challenge, Nov. 30-Dec. 3, at Albany, Bahamas. Team Full Swing couldn’t more excited to watch Tiger’s return, and wishes him the best of luck this week!