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Introducing Golf Into Your Fitness Routine

Posted: December 30, 2019

Tiger Woods changed the game 20+ years ago when he came out on the course looking like an athlete, a real athlete, not just “a golfer.” Players, both professional and amateur, took notice not just of his look but of the trophies he started racking up in record fashion. In recent years, fitness has become an integral part of the game, with players of all ages trying to find an edge, whether it be to incorporate yoga, CrossFit, spin class or even pilates into their routine. With Tiger Woods being back in the spotlight winning his latest tournament at 43, we’re sure that golfers of all abilities are going to be heading to the gym this winter to try and replicate his success. And many places have already caught onto this wave— by adding golf simulators into their gym or training facilities.

 As for Tiger, intertwining fitness into his golf routine has given him an advantage over his fellow golfers, making him one of the top Pros in the world. One key attribute that plays a role in Tiger’s training, is his Full Swing simulator. Our simulators allow golfers the time they need to practice a certain shot, instantly give feedback on ball data and log their progress for improvement. 

Training facilities such as Westosha Sports Complex and AVID Indoor Golf & Fitness are a great way for people to remain active and healthy. Both facilities utilize Full Swing simulators and have had great success in doing so. AVID Indoor Golf & Training— located in Rochester New York— created a Golf-Fit program dedicated to improving strength, mobility, stability, rotational power and much more! Each golfer is given a personalized training session specific to using the golf simulator  that is set to improve their fitness, mentality and bring their golf game to a new level! 

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