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Install a Full Swing Simulator in Your Clubhouse, Bring New Players to The Game

Posted: September 3, 2019

It has been said that golf can be one of the hardest sports to learn and even harder to master, which can scare off many potential new players from heading to the course for the first time. Courses that have installed a Full Swing Simulator in their clubhouse have seen players new to the game embracing a way to learn without worrying about slowing down groups on the course or chasing down duffed shots. Having recently surveyed courses that had installed a Full Swing Simulator, over 70% of them have had non-avid golfers & younger people coming to the course for the first time specifically to learn in a golf simulator.

Full Swing is not only bringing new players but the whole family to the course, as more than 50% of the courses who have installed a Full Swing Simulator have seen parents who are bringing their kids to the course specifically to play in the simulator. As PGA Tour Champion, Brandt Snedeker says best, “If I take my son to play on course, I have 4 holes before he loses his patience, but in the simulator, he can play 18 holes in no time and have a blast doing it.” Parents and courses across the country are finding out that mom and dad can have a nice dinner and drinks with friends while the kids play golf or one of the 13 other sports offered by Full Swing, and it is time for your course to join in the fun.

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