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How to Have The Most Effective Golf Warmup

Posted: July 14, 2022

In order to play your best round on the course, you have to start preparing before the first tee. Not every golfer has the time for a full physical warm-up before the course and usually not even for a full bucket of balls & session on the putting green, so it makes every swing you can take that much more valuable.

By using a Full Swing KIT golf launch monitor on the range before your round, you can learn more from every swing to get the most prepared in the shortest amount of time. By using KIT, you can confirm the club distance gapping in your bag by seeing what is happening that day, with wind and your body’s condition by seeing actual distances. Don’t head to the first tee wondering what is going to happen the first time you pull your 6 iron out of the bag.

This is a chance to play through some of the holes that will challenge you by hitting specific yardages. Whether it is a par 3 tee shot, working on apex height and launch angle to look at how to approach tough pins or to see how far your driver is carrying over the imaginary hazards waiting for you on the course.

Not every warm up can be perfect, but with Full Swing KIT golf launch monitor, you can share a video of your swing with your coach at the tap of a button for a last minute consult before your round faster than with any other launch monitor out there. Full Swing KIT golf launch monitor gives you everything you need to unlock your game before you head to the first tee, the confidence that your numbers are dialed in with absolute accuracy and that you are preparing like the best in the game.