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How Technology Can Bring New Revenue to Your Course

Posted: July 11, 2022

Every course, regardless of municipal, public, resort or private, is always looking for new ways to add value to their experience for players and drive new revenue opportunities. One easy and affordable way to bring value to your customers at your course is bringing a launch monitor to the driving range experience. By giving players a chance to get data and video after every swing, you will stand out from your competition and lead to repeat visits once they have experienced it.

Rather than building a long-term construction project to your range with some concepts, a quick and easy solution is to add a portable launch monitor like the Full Swing KIT golf launch monitor to your options of programming. The Full Swing KIT golf launch monitor is the only launch monitor trusted by Tiger Woods, so your players will know they can trust his legendary standards when they get to see up to 16 points of data paired with high-resolution video on a free app. You could stock units behind the counter and charge an hourly rate for them at facilities looking to generate revenue daily or could keep as an amenity to add to member experience at a private club.

The options go way beyond just using KIT as a range amenity. Enhance your current lesson programming by giving players the feel of being on Tour with instant feedback and progress you can actually show them on the free app that they can download. Have a beginning player that is only worried about hitting it further? Just set the on-unit display to Carry distance and then as their swing progresses, show them their swing video to know what to look for as they see shots going further. Have an advanced player looking to break 80, work through 16 different data points and help them dial in their distances, spin and path to hit more greens. Either way, you’ll be able to charge a more premium price to show their progress and more repeat customers as they get a feeling of improvement as they see their numbers getting better.

Ready to sell more clubs at your facility? Get players set up with easier and faster fittings where they can see the increase in distance on KIT’s heads-up full color OLED display so they know it’s time to upgrade to new clubs. With Full Swing KIT’s fast & easy set up, more staff members can learn how to give fittings or dive deeper into the metrics as they make adjustments for more experience team members.

There’s a lot of ways to bring in revenue to your course using the Full Swing KIT golf launch monitor, read more here about how to drive new revenue beyond the range and lessons with a new offering for your outside outings.