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How Accurate Is The Full Swing KIT Compared To Other Launch Monitors?

Posted: April 1, 2023

We get asked a lot “how does the Full Swing KIT compare to other launch monitors on-Tour?” We have put together the below results from a head-to-head-to-head test session recently conducted with the other two most popular launch monitors you’ll see weekly on the range with the pros.

Below you will find the averages for 25 swings with a driver, 6 iron and pitching wedge using a premium ball on a full flight outdoor driving range on March 28, 2023. All units were set-up properly, with each shot having the proper club selected to get the clearest & consistent comparative data.

Carry Distance and Spin Rate

Ball Speed and Club Speed

To further detail how close the performance is between the three launch monitors, Full Swing is on average was within the below thresholds:
Spin Rate: 0.47% to TM4 and 1.86% to GCQ.
Carry Distance: 0.27% to TM4 and 0.05% to GCQ.
Club Speed: 0.77% to TM 4 and 3.89% to GCQ (GCQ’s readings were the outlier of the three)
Ball Speed: 0.31% to TM and 0.27% to GCQ.

To see full breakdown of each shot, we have included the reference shot chart below: