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Full Swing KIT Now Integrated with Onform Mobile Video Coaching Platform

Posted: March 26, 2024

Full Swing KIT Now Integrated with Onform Mobile Video Coaching Platform

Full Swing KIT’s Data Paired with Onform’s Video Analysis & Sharing App 

CARLSBAD, CA (April 2, 2024) – Full Swing announced today that they have partnered with Onform to provide golf instructors around the world a way to create the ultimate lesson platform combining Tour-level club & ball data with more video options than ever before. With this partnership, among numerous features, Onform gives coaches and players the ability to seamlessly use multiple cameras at once, sync’d together with the Full Swing KIT launch monitor data all in one place to create a mobile teaching academy that rivals some of the best in the world, all with just a KIT, an iPhone and an iPad.


“As more instructors have been using KIT, we have been hearing more requests for multiple camera options and when we saw Onform, we were really excited by the possibilities,” said Jason Fierro, “With their existing database of coaches that have been looking for a way to integrate the highest quality data at a price point like KIT is at, we think that we are unlocking a whole new audience.”


When it came to the Full Swing KIT launch monitor, Onform saw a new way to provide coaches & players with Tour-level data at an accessible price.“The ability to capture and analyze tour-level ball and club data and precise multi-angle video of a golfer’s swing is a game changer for improving technique. Onform and Full Swing have made it incredibly easy, fast and affordable for any coach or player to get the full picture of their swing mechanics. Best of all, it works in the studio, on the driving range and for remote lessons.”” said Onform’s Co-Founder, Gear Fisher.


Comprehensive Ball & Club Data For Every Swing

Every swing captured in the Onform app while using the Full Swing KIT will ingest the ball & club data directly into the video, providing instructors with precise, data-driven insights into their students’ performance.

Multi-Cam Recording For A Complete View of Every Swing

Golf Instructors can record multiple angles simultaneously and wirelessly using up to four iOS devices to give them a full picture of their students’ technique. Ideal for capturing face-on and down-the-line videos during lessons, the Onform app provides unparalleled detail and clarity at 1080p @ 240 fps, enabling instructors to refine their students’ technique with precision.

Seamless Integration Anywhere

The simple wireless integration between Onform and Full Swing KIT can be used anywhere – indoors or outdoors, on the range or in a studio. What was once only possible indoors using expensive equipment and desktop computers, is now unlocked to use anywhere.

Video Analysis Tools

Instructors can use a variety of video analysis tools in the Onform app, such as joint angles, skeleton tracking, and drawing markups. These tools make it easy to check setup form, stance, and provide real-time coaching feedback. Additionally, side-by-side comparison makes it possible to view different angles from multi-cam at the same time, compare any swing to a professional golfer, or view progress over time.

The partnership will provide special pricing and lease options for instructors looking to bring technology to their players, whether on-site or remotely. There will be a continued integration with more features over time. To learn more about the technology, go to http://fullswinggolf.com and https://bit.ly/3PBfh9Z.

About Full Swing Golf, Inc.

Full Swing, a proud partner of Bruin Capital, is the brand responsible for the industry-leading sports technology innovation chosen as the Official Licensed Simulator of The PGA TOUR. As the only simulator brand with patented dual-tracking technology that has evolved to tri-tracking technology providing unmatched real ball flight on the world’s most iconic courses and across more than 13 dynamic sport experiences, they offer the most complete indoor experience.

The Full Swing KIT launch monitor has been tested and trusted by Tiger Woods to give golfers 16 points of club and ball data with high-resolution video included, so golfers can complement the indoor simulator experience with the most innovative launch monitor outdoors.

Among Team Full Swing’s impressive roster of champions are highlighted by PGA TOUR stars Tiger Woods & Jordan Spieth, the NFL’s Patrick Mahomes, the NBA’s Steph Curry and LIV GOLF’s Jon Rahm & Dustin Johnson.

Head to fullswinggolf.com for the latest product offerings and news.


Onform is a leader in the sports technology world, offering a user-friendly platform for golf instructors and athletes worldwide. With tens of thousands of users globally, Onform’s mobile video coaching platform is the go-to choice for golfers looking to improve their game.


The Onform app makes it easy for golf instructors to record their students’ swings, analyze videos with drawing tools and skeleton tracking, communicate with students, and keep their video library organized for future reference. Focused on practicality and user experience, Onform is committed to helping golf instructors and athletes of all levels achieve their goals.


To learn more, visit onform.com