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Full Swing KIT Now Includes Normalized Data

Posted: December 1, 2022

Full Swing KIT Now Includes Normalized Data in Addition to Actual Measurements, All Included Free on The Full Swing App

The leader in sports technology now offers golfers the best way to review their club gapping, get fitted or compare their data between sessions no matter where they practice & play

CARLSBAD, Calif., (December 1, 2022) – Full Swing today announced that their portable launch monitor developed for Tiger Woods, the Full Swing KIT, now offers golfers the option to see their actual ball data when outdoors with all the environmental factors impacting flight or normalized data.  The new option of normalized data that will let users customize what elevation, whether sea level or a custom elevation of a course they are headed to play and to see if there was no wind impacting ball flight what their distance and other data metrics would be.

(The same shot with actual data at 200 ft of elevation, Compared to normalized data set to 4999 ft of elevation compared).

The Full Swing KIT has been trusted by pros, instructors and players around the world on driving ranges outdoors for the most trusted radar-powered data and high-resolution to improve their practice. Some fitters and golfers have been requesting the normalization feature so that they can experience “lab-like” conditions to measure their ball rather than seeing the actual measured radar-based data that can be impacted by wind or elevation that they are hitting balls at.

“More players on Tour that are traveling from city to city have asked for normalization since we released KIT as a way to compare data from session to session and we wanted to give them that ability to evaluate their game without the impact of what city they are in,” said Jason Fierro, Chief Operating Officer of Full Swing. “We are going to continue to innovate so that we can add more features to the normalization including ball type so that everyday players hitting beat up range balls will be able to compare their data to their premium ball they play with on course.”

Full Swing’s new feature will give golfers around the world a way to see what their carry, total, side carry, side total and apex normalized to be shown as a normalized environment that is unaffected by wind or current elevation.

With 16 points of data paired with high-resolution video and free virtual gameplay at a price point of $4,999, the Full Swing KIT is a portable solution for golfers around the world looking for new ways to practice & play year-round at a price-point that used to not be an option for players looking for Tour-level data.