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Fine Tune Your Distances

Posted: June 9, 2023

In the world of golf, there are thousands of articles claiming to have quick fixes to lower your score but there is one fix that most people don’t look at it and it has nothing to do with changing your swing. Talk to the top instructors in the world and you’ll learn, most players are costing themselves strokes every round simply by not selecting the proper club off the tee on par 3s and approach shots everywhere else, simply from not knowing their true carry distances. There’s an easy way to truly know your distances and start hitting more greens to avoid adding unnecessary strokes, use a launch monitor like the Full Swing KIT on the range.

Why Does Distance Control Matter So Much

Mastery over your distances is a hallmark of a skilled golfer, standing over a shot and knowing that you have the right club in your hand lets you play with more confidence and swing more sure. More importantly, every green you hit means less shots from the bunker, less drops from the water, less awkward angle chips running away and more time to make putts simply by hitting the right distance on your approach. Every one of those shots adds up over a round and some have even said every Green in Regulation can mean as much as 2-2.5 shots difference on a hole. Launch monitors provide the tools needed to deconstruct the science behind your shots, giving you insights, like your true carry distance, that go far beyond mere guesswork.

Advantages of Using a Launch Monitor for Distance Control:

Real Measurements: Guessing what your distances are on the range by guessing how close you think your ball went compared to a far off pin, just re-read that, that is what most golfers have done for years, is not the way to dial in your numbers to play with confidence. By using a launch monitor like the Full Swing KIT, you are getting radar-accurate real measurements of your shots’ distances. This enables you to know exactly how far you hit each club, eliminating any uncertainty.

Actual Carry Distance vs. Total: A lot of players think that they hit a certain club a certain distance because when they get to their shot in the fairway or near the green they look at the distance they previously hit from, that is the total distance which is different than carry. There are a variety of factors that can impact many yards of roll-out that are not consistent factors in your game from hole to hole, course to course. By actually learning your carry distance, you know how far until your ball actually lands and this allows you to have much more certainty on what is the best club to select based on the shot needed on-course.

Course Application: Armed with precise distance data and a deeper understanding of launch dynamics, you can confidently approach any shot on the course, knowing exactly how to adapt to varying conditions and thanks to getting your numbers on the range with the Full Swing KIT.

A launch monitor offers a treasure trove of information that can guide your distance control strategy. Let’s take a closer look at how specific data points can help you refine your distances:

  • Carry Distance: Knowing your carry distance for each club is crucial, as it directly impacts your ability to clear hazards and reach the target. By fine-tuning your carry distance, you can confidently select the right club for the shot at hand.
  • Launch Angle: Adjusting your launch angle can significantly influence how the ball carries and rolls after landing. With a launch monitor, you can experiment with different launch angles to optimize your approach shots for specific conditions.
  • Club Speed: Faster club speeds generally result in longer distances, but understanding how different club speeds affect your distances can help you maintain consistency across your clubs.
  • Spin Rate: Ball spin affects the ball’s trajectory and distance. Fine-tuning your spin rate can help you control your shots, especially when dealing with windy conditions or challenging pin positions.

Putting the Full Swing KIT to Work

When it comes to refining your distances, the Full Swing KIT launch monitor offers a comprehensive solution as the most accurate launch monitor on the market. Its ability to measure and display data directly on the screen, including carry distance, launch angle, club speed, and more, empowers you to fine-tune your shots with precision.

Additionally, the Full Swing KIT’s instant video playback feature, which can be paired with your smartphone or other devices, allows you to review your swings in real-time. This enables you to analyze your technique, track your progress, and ensure that your adjustments are producing the desired results.

Mastering your distances is an art that requires both skill and science. Launch monitors have brought a new level of precision and data-driven analysis to distance control, allowing golfers to make informed adjustments that translate to improved on-course performance. By harnessing the power of launch monitor technology, like the Full Swing KIT, you can refine your distances, confidently approach shots, and elevate your golf game to new heights.