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5 Reasons Why Full Swing Simulators Stand Out from the Competition

Posted: June 18, 2016

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5 Reasons Why Full Swing Simulators Stand Out From the Competition


1. We’re Trusted by the Pros

Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Patrick Reed and many more professional golfers have not only endorsed our simulators but have specifically selected them to prepare and practice in their homes before tournaments. Spieth explains, “I recently bought a house in Dallas and chose the Full Swing Golf Simulator for my new home. I’m a big fan of their technologies and wanted a practice solution at home that I can trust. When it’s time to work on my game, I can fire up my sim and get meaningful data and feedback. The FSG sim is the closest thing to being out on the course.” See Jordan’s video.



2. Our Patented Dual Tracking Technology

All of our competitors claim to have the best quality and most accurate tracking system out there.  Why is ours different?  Unlike our competition, who’s technology analyzes the golfer and CALCULATES the ball flight that “should be” resulted in the virtual world, Full Swing is the only tracking system that MEASURES ball flight in real-time.  This means there is absolutely no lag time, your shot instantly transitions from the real world to the virtual world. The golfer has the opportunity to maintain the connection with the feel of each shot.



3. Our Ion2 Vision Technology Camera

Standard on all FSG simulators, our third generation high speed camera focuses solely on ball spin and club head data. So you can better understand your swing, the Ion2 provides club head speed, club face angle, and club path information. This paired with real-time spin data, including back spin, side spin, and spin axis, allows you to improve your shot decisions, swing, and equipment choices.  The realism and accuracy produced from all of our simulators allows you to shape your swing and shots exactly as if it were outdoors.


4. Most Durable Construction

All Full Swing simulators are built for endurance. The reliability, stability, and durability of the enclosure and tracking system are second to none. The virtually indestructible tracking system needs no calibration. Additionally, the enclosure’s rigid structure is constructed of foam filled wooden panels that are cam-locked together and built to last for decades. Full Swing simulators are designed to impress and built to perform.


5. Provides an all-in-one Entertainment System

Your investment isn’t limited to you alone. Your entire family can enjoy the simulator – watch TV, play video games, work out, and much more. Get Showdown Golf for fun competition or learn to play the game with Swing Catalyst. Additionally, businesses and golf professionals alike, can increase revenue or enhance employee satisfaction by providing golf lessons and entertainment opportunities all year long.