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Indoor Golf and Full Swing Golf are delighted to report that the Clubhouse indoor golf centre of Edinburgh has held its 300th successful event since only June 2007! The venue sites it’s great success as being a combination of exciting promotions and food offerings, as well as the quality of experience that the Full Swing Golf Simulators provide.

“The Clubhouse’s unique blend of cutting-edge technology, contemporary design and excellent service sets it apart from every other venue in Scotland. Our full bar and restaurant offers tempting and stylish menus throughout the day, including lunch for non-golfers. On warmer days why not enjoy a game of golf then kick back and enjoy a drink, a meal or even a cigar on the terrace?” This latest centre is the start of a roll-out of a number of indoor golf venues set to open around the UK and Republic of Ireland in the coming months. Full Swing Golf simulators continue to be selected by new centres on the basis of the incredible accuracy and realism of the golfing experience, as well as the proven track record of business success in every corner of the globe.

The Edinburgh indoor golf center boasts that the six Full Swing Golf simulators are available for personal or corporate hire, along with on-site coaching, teaching aids, video analysis, as well as a full bar and restaurant. Centrally located and easily accessible, the facility has proven to be a hugely popular venue for golfers and non-golfers alike in and around the city.

To find out more about this incredible new indoor golf facility in the heart of Edinburgh, please visit the official Clubhouse website by clicking here. By registering your interest in the Clubhouse you are automatically entered into a prize draw as well as receiving a discount on your first golfing visit to the venue.

There has never been a better time to get involved with the indoor golf industry in the UK and Republic of Ireland. More and more centres are opening and the public awareness of the indoor form of the game has never been higher. With the Full Swing Golf on-line gaming and tournaments functioning 24 hours a day, the level of interest has been growing exponentially in the past few years.