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E6 Connect Perpetual Package


Not ready to decide on an annual subscription? Make a one-time payment so you get your swing dialed in on the practice areas and 5 courses.

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  • 5 Golf Courses
  • X Practice Areas
  • Player Profiles
  • 1 Mode of Play (Stroke)
  • Access to Online Events *Not Peer to Peer Events *AUTOPUTT REQUIRED (No Putting Features)
  • Aviara
  • Stone Canyon
  • Belfry
  • Sanctuary
  • Wade Hampton
None available at this subscription level, to access mini-games, subscribe to Basic & Expanded Options

Driving Range:
1. Flat Range
2. Large Targets
3. Shot Shape
4. Small Targets
5. Long Drive Range

Chip & Putt
1. Chip & Putt Area* (Chipping Only)
2. Chip: 15yd Bunker Shot
3. Chip: 32yd Bunker Shot
4. Chip: 25yd Bunker Shot
5. Chip: 25yd Boulder Shot
6. Chip: 30yd Log Pile Shot
7. Chip: 35yd Boulder Shot
8. Chip: 50yd Log Shot
9. Chip: 70yd Tree Shot
10. Chip: 40yd Shot
11. Chip: 60yd Shot
12. Chip: 80yd Shot
13. Chip: 90yd Shot
*You will only be able to chip in this area as putting is not a current feature