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Golf, often referred to as ‘the gentleman’s sport’, is one game that almost anyone can enjoy with a little practice. Apart from bringing great pleasure, golf de-stresses and rejuvenates one to a considerable extent.
It is for this reason that golf has evolved from just being an outdoor sport, enjoyed by some, to indoor golf or virtual golf, which can be played almost anywhere and by anyone using a golf simulator.

Golf simulators are high-tech machines that are designed to mimic the real game. Many golfers agree that golf simulators are an efficient alternative to developing their golfing skills on golf courses. There are various courses and settings available to cater to all levels, and thus a large number of individuals take indoor golf lessons to learn and improve their game.

Citygolf is an iconic entertainment and lifestyle destination, unique to Singapore, which offers world-class facilities for virtual golf. It uses premium golf simulators that provide unparalleled quality, accuracy and reliability. Users can play over 65 of the world’s most recognized courses from the top of the tallest building in Singapore. For a single figure handicapper or a complete beginner looking for tips and advice, Citygolf has professionals who make the game simpler for all. There is a comprehensive set of golf lesson packages to suit any standard of golfer.

Citygolf also offers team building packages for corporate clients. These entail golf workshops in which participants receive coaching on the swing and short game, and also learn about the rules and etiquette of the sport. This serves as a unique and fun way for those climbing the corporate ladder to get into the game and improve their networking opportunities.

Apart from offering the most affordable and high-quality indoor golf, Citygolf also provides the perfect setting for a host of different events in Singapore. It has integrated audio visual equipment throughout the venue and in addition to the numerous LCD screens, each of the simulators transform into large projector screens that are ideal for presentations, product launches and conferences. Citygolf’s bar and dining offering provides a selection of menus to suit any kind of requirement or budget.
Whatever be the event, the golf simulators are always available for users and provide great entertainment regardless of one’s golfing ability. No wonder Citygolf has become the favorite hangout for engaging with both clients as well as friends in Singapore.

Citygolf is part of a multi-concept lifestyle establishment, and is situated at the 61st floor. Citygolf is a great social venue where golfers can congregate and chill over their love for the sport of golf. Visitors get the “golfing in the sky” experience with mesmerizing city scenery for their viewing pleasure, and can enjoy great drinks and great food coupled with sports entertainment.