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Golf Ball Flight Tracker

Capture ball flight data to help improve your game.

Track Your Golf Ball Flight

When it comes to improving your golf game, data and feedback are essential. A golf ball flight tracker offers golfers the chance to incorporate a state-of-the-art training device into their practice routine that provides a helpful collection of data they can track and apply to each swing. But what do all these data points mean, and how can they help you improve your game?

Carry Distance is the distance the ball travels through the air before touching the ground. This is a key baseline to use and adjust on-course based on conditions, to decide on your club selection. Total Distance is the total distance the ball travels after it comes to rest (carry plus roll). After your ball has landed, how far it will roll before coming to rest depends on spin, ground conditions, and other factors. Spin Rate is the amount of revolutions of the golf ball generated instantly after impact. The higher your spin rate, the more extreme the effect on the ball flight.

Side Total Distance is the total left-right horizontal distance from the target line. The greater the distance, the further from your target your ball has come to rest. Attack Angle is the amount the club path is moving vertically up or down towards the ball. If you are “hitting up” on the ball, you will see positive attack angle. If you are “hitting down” on the ball, you will see negative attack angle. Launch Angle is the initial vertical angle of the ball after impact. Combined with your spin and ball speed, this will impact your ball’s carry and total distance. Ball Speed is the speed of the golf ball immediately after impact. The faster your club speed, the further the potential for distance.

Golf Ball Flight Data

A golf ball flight tracker helps you visualize your golf ball flight data on your mobile device so you can practice at home or on the golf course. Take your golf ball flight tracker anywhere to train.

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Golf ball flight tracker’s are used by professional golfers to improve their game.

Avid golfers know all too well the frustrations of the game and the woes of not having a golf ball flight tracker to help them improve their swing. Diligent practice is crucial to hitting higher quality and more consistent shots on the golf course, but it’s also important that you learn to leverage real time feedback and data.

Golf Ball Flight Tracking Powered by KIT Launch Monitor

Understanding golf ball flight tracking data points can help you identify areas for improvement in your swing and make adjustments to optimize your performance. For example, if you notice that your spin rate is too high, you can work on adjusting your swing to reduce it. If you struggle with accuracy, focusing on reducing your side total distance can help you hit more accurate shots.

Incorporating a golf ball flight tracker like the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor into your practice routine can provide valuable data and feedback to help you improve your game. By understanding what each data point means and how to apply it to your swing, you can make targeted improvements to your performance and see real results on the golf course.

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