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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA–Full Swing golf simulators like to go where the fun is, and the 2011 Super Bowl in Dallas was no exception. When it comes to throwing a serious party, ESPN’s NEXT was the hottest ticket in town.
Only A-list celebrities, premier athletes, and top clients were invited to this event, so it was only natural that FSG partnered with the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” to provide an unforgettable evening of golf.

The party was a huge success. They transformed River Ranch at the Stockyards – just outside Fort Worth – into a massive social gathering with massive stage, dance floors, several bars, mechanical bull, antler chandeliers, a Full Swing golf simulator, and one Kid Rock (who performed a fantastic set). Beautiful people and sports celebrities could be seen at every turn. Chris Berman, Rashard Mendenhall, Reggie Bush, Mark Teixeira, Nelly, and Snoop Dogg, amongst a swell of other sports elite, spent the evening celebrating the NFL’s finest hour.

The Full Swing golf simulator scored a number of touchdowns with the guests as hundreds lined up to compete in the closest-to-the-hole contest until the early hours of the morning. In the normal tradition of an event like this, the guests found it hard to believe the how accurate the simulator was and made comments throughout the evening about the outstanding graphics. The simulator was up and running for another entire evening, the following night, as the general public was invited to share in the experience.