Featured Clients and Partners

  • Under Armour has been installing Full Swing simulators in retail locations and events across the globe.
  • Callaway headquarters uses a Full Swing simulator during their online teaching and training series.
  • Full Swing simulators are located at the Travis Mathew headquarters as an employee amenity.
  • This talented group of sports fanatics perform amazing stunts and tricks. A Full Swing simulator resides in their headquarters, and they feature it during one of their Youtube episodes.
  • Game Room Guys
  • Kaboo used the Full Swing golf simulator for a guest experience during the 3 day music festival in San Diego.
  • Full Swing has been joining the fun at the Super Bowl's biggest party of the year, the ESPN party. The party features a Full Swing golf closest to the hole competition.
  • Dan installed his simulator during a DIY Man Caves episode and has been featuring it during his shows for the past 5 years.
    The Dan Patrick Show
  • Partnering with NetJets for the past 6 years, Full Swing has been providing a regular entertainment amenity for their events around the country.
  • honda
  • Full Swing has partnered with Swing Catalyst since 2012, combining to create an invaluable training tool for PGA Pros and coaches.
    Swing Catalyst
  • Audi used a Full Swing golf simulator at one of their guest experiences to help VIP invitees enjoy an evening of music and golf competition.
  • Sport Check
  • IBM
  • Scheels
  • Raspberry Golf Academy
  • Oklahoma State
  • Martis Camp
  • Seen on the Haney Project on the Golf Channel and in his training facility in Dallas.
    Hank Haney
  • Full Swing and The Tiger Woods Foundation have teamed up on several occasions, most notably a worldwide fundraiser golf tournament.
    Tiger Woods Foundation
  • A Full Swing simulator was featured on the popular HBO show during 3 episodes.
  • Golf Logix
  • The entire family can enjoy golf on the Disney Cruise Line as the simulator opens right up to beautiful ocean views.
    Disney Cruise Line
  • The golf teams at Columbia University use the Full Swing golf simulator during the winter months and the off season to keep their game sharp.
  • A Manhattan golfer's haven, Chelsea Piers has been the solution to playing in the middle of the city, including two Full Swing golf simulators.
    Chelsea Piers
  • ASU
  • The Full Swing golf simulator has been serving the West Point golf team and cadets since 2010.
  • Academy Sports
  • The Full Swing simulator has been a staple in the Mens grille at Isleworth for more than ten years.
  • Quicken Loans
  • World Golf Hall of Fame
  • The simulator has been a central asset in this program that provides kids with a rich education and growth opportunities.
    The First Tee
  • You can find Full Swing golf simulators in over 200 Dick's Sporting Goods store across the country. Found near the pro shop, PGA pros help customers get fitted with the right clubs accurately and efficiently.
  • uso