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Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor Now Available with Indoor Gameplay

Major firmware update allows golfers everywhere to practice and play courses indoors

CARLSBAD, Calif., Mar. 29, 2022 – Leading sports technology company Full Swing announced today a significant firmware upgrade to the existing Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor that will allow the product to be used indoors to play golf virtually. Golfers around the world now have an easy way to experience top courses, practice areas and mini-games from the comfort of their own home using the same device they can trust on the practice range for absolute accuracy across 16 data points.

Since it was first unveiled by Tiger Woods last Nov., the Full Swing KIT has been making waves throughout the golf industry as a result of its more affordable price point ($3,999 or financing as low as $185/month), state-of-the-art technology, accuracy, and ease of use. It has been rapidly adopted on practice ranges around the world by golfers of all skill levels, top instructors, and iconic courses like Pebble Beach within its first few months on the market.

To play indoors with the Full Swing KIT, all that is required is an e6 Connect subscription (basic subscription available through Full Swing for $299 annually), a compatible iPhone or iPad, and a screen or net to hit into. Golfers looking for a more in-depth setup have the option of using Apple AirPlay on AppleTV and plugging into a TV or projector to show the session on a larger screen.

“Our simulators have always been the best in the game, but we know that not every golfer has the available space or budget that is needed,” said Ryan Dotters, CEO of Full Swing. “Being able to give everyday golfers a portable solution for the range where they feel like a Tour Pro and a way to play at home is a win for everyone.”

Full Swing has inventory ready to be shipped within 72 hours of purchase for new purchases. Current Full Swing KIT owners will only need to update their firmware via wi-fi and purchase their choice of e6 Connect software plan at FullSwingGolf.com.

About Full Swing Inc.
Full Swing, a proud part of Bruin Capital, is the brand responsible for the industry-leading sports technology innovation chosen as the Official Licensed Simulator of The PGA TOUR, GOLF Channel and Topgolf Swing Suites. As the only simulator brand with patented dual-tracking technology providing unmatched real ball flight on the world’s most iconic courses and across 13 dynamic sport experiences, they offer the most complete indoor experience. Their latest offering, the Full Swing KIT launch monitor, has been tested and trusted by Tiger Woods to give golfers 16 points of club and ball data with high-resolution video included so golfers can complement the indoor simulator experience with the most innovative launch monitor outdoors.

Among Team Full Swing’s impressive roster of champions are PGA TOUR stars Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, Jordan Spieth, the LPGA’s Brooke Henderson, the NFL’s Patrick Mahomes and the NBA’s Steph Curry. Head to fullswinggolf.com for the latest product offerings and news.

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