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Full Swing KIT Gameplay Software: Basic Subscription Package

This $299/annual subscription gives users access to many of the features in E6 CONNECT, while rotating content. Each month our team will rotate the Courses and Mini Games that are available.

Courses Included

  1. Aviara Golf Club & Resort
  2. Banff Springs
  3. Barton Creek – Fazio Foothills
  4. The Belfry
  5. Bountiful Ridge
  6. Cabo del Sol – The Ocean Course
  7. Chateau Whistler Golf Club
  8. Club at Hokuli’a
  9. Gleneagles – The Centenary Course
  10. Golf Resort Kuneticka Hora
  11. Greywolf
  12. Latrobe Country Club – Summer
  13. Loch Lomond Golf Club
  14. Oslo Golf Club
  15. Panther Lake
  16. Par 3 Ocean Course
  17. Pelican Hill Golf Club
  18. Pine Canyon Golf Club
  19. Pinehurst No. 8
  20. RTJ – Auburn Grand National Links
  21. Sanctuary
  22. Stone Canyon Club
  23. Taghazout
  24. Thanksgiving Point
  25. Troon North – Monument Course
  26. Wade Hampton Golf Club
  27. Wolf Peak – Par 3 Mountain Course
    *12 Additional Courses Rotate Monthly

Practice Areas

  1. Driving Range:
  2. Flat Range
  3. Large Targets
  4. Shot Shape
  5. Small Targets
  6. Long Drive Range

Chip & Putt

  1. Chip & Putt Area* (Chipping Only)
  2. Chip: 15yd Bunker Shot
  3. Chip: 32yd Bunker Shot
  4. Chip: 25yd Bunker Shot
  5. Chip: 25yd Boulder Shot
  6. Chip: 30yd Log Pile Shot
  7. Chip: 35yd Boulder Shot
  8. Chip: 50yd Log Shot
  9. Chip: 70yd Tree Shot
  10. Chip: 40yd Shot
  11. Chip: 60yd Shot
  12. Chip: 80yd Shot
  13. Chip: 90yd Shot
    *You will only be able to chip in this area as putting is not a current feature

1 Rotating Mini-Game Available Monthly from The Below Rotation:

  1. 301
  2. Demolition Driving Range: Battle Stations
  3. Billiards
  4. Blackout
  5. Demolition Driving Range: Carnival
  6. Demolition Driving Range: Classic
  7. Henyet
  8. High Score
  9. High Score – Ice Trolls
  10. HORSE
  11. Long Drive – Las Vegas
  12. Long Drive – SMASH HIT
  13. Shot-for-Shot
  14. Solaro


All 8 modes of play included with this option

  1. Stroke Play
  2. Stableford
  3. Stableford – Modified
  4. Match Play
  5. Best Ball
  6. Performance Team Stroke
  7. Closest to the Pin
  8. Long Drive

Peer to Peer Play is included with this option.
You are able to enter Online Events that are available to Full Swing KIT users.

As a reminder, e6 Connect Packages are only for Full Swing KIT launch monitor, to learn more about the variety of software available to our Full Swing Simulator owners have access to Full Swing Golf, Showdown Golf and Multisport Software: https://www.fullswinggolf.com/technology/

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