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What Does The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor Show You

16 Points of Data Explained to Unlock Your Game

Whether you improve by watching high-resolution video of your swing or want to analyze your 16 points of data, the Full Swing KIT launch monitor is the best way for you to get the most out of your practice. You know that your favorite players and instructors analyze the data of every swing and we wanted to give you a better idea of what each number means so that you and your instructor can better understand how to improve. The below is just a start as we will continue to dive deeper into the data points and how improving each can lead to your best golf.

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Full Swing KIT Now Includes Normalized Data

Full Swing KIT Now Includes Normalized Data in Addition to Actual Measurements, All Included Free on The Full Swing App The leader in sports technology now offers golfers the best way to review their club gapping, get fitted or compare their data between sessions no...

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