The Evolution of Precision Ball Flight & Club Head Tracking

Full Swing Golf has developed a new extension to its existing infrared tracking system. Utilizing a single high-speed camera to focus solely on ball spin and club head data, Full Swing Golf has truly mastered the art and science of ball flight.

Take a look at this post-shot graphic to see the robust, yet simple to understand data interface.

Intuitive Club Head Data

Ion gives you club head speed,
club face angle, and club path information with intuitive on-screen illustrations of your club,
so you can improve your swing.

Serious Ball Spin

ION captures detailed spin data using regular, unmarked balls including back spin, side spin, and spin axis. Displaying this information on-screen allows you to make better shot decisions.

Work the Ball Your Way

The detailed ball spin and club head information added by Ion allows you to shape each shot exactly as you would outdoors.