E6 Intro

Full Swing Golf is proud to present the most advanced generation of golf simulation software in the industry.
Designed completely from the ground up, we are reinventing the way people are experiencing the game of golf indoors. Utilizing the most powerful graphics hardware and software in the market, the 3d physics of E6 brings the natural, fluid tendencies of the outdoor golf experience right to you. Waves crash at Pebble Beach, clouds drift at St. Andrews, and rain showers fall at Kauri Cliffs in New Zealand.
The new E6 software package features over 86 championship courses from around the world, an interactive & completely customizable practice facility & driving range, and the ability to adjust a multitude of environmental conditions.
No detail has been overlooked during the painstaking development and reconstruction of every golf course. You will find all of the distinguishable trees, patches of grass, fairway elevations, and nuances of the greens that make these championship courses the works of art that they are.