The FSG Experience

Golf Indoors 24/7, 365 days a Year

Around the world, over two hundred thousand rounds of golf are played indoors every day. Golf Simulators allow players of all levels to experience “real golf” indoors, on “real world” courses, using real equipment, without regard to weather, time or location.



For over 27 years, Full Swing Golf has led the industry it helped create. Featuring incredibly accurate ball tracking and stunning visuals, our clients can play, practice, and compete regardless of time or weather, 365 days a year, driving their game and businesses to new heights. Detailed swing, club, and ball information, coupled with advanced training systems, rapid play, & entertaining skills challenges means that it’s always a good time to play golf indoors.

Through our Online Tournaments, Player’s Club, and global network of interconnected Full Swing Simulators, we are helping people to come together to play, train, and compete online – growing the great game of golf and ushering in the next simulation generation.  Visit a Full Swing Indoor Golf Center near you today, or for the ultimate home entertainment system, contact us for more information about our products and affordable leasing plans.

Recent developments in ball tracking and simulation mean that if you haven’t played Indoors (also known as “Screen Golf”) in the last few months, literally everything has changed. New ball and club head sensor systems from Full Swing Golf now give you incredibly accurate spin, trajectory, and distance measurements that allow us to precisely replicate real ball flight. New 3D course models, gaming software, and HD projection systems mean that the look and feel of the courses you can play have taken a huge leap forward in realism
(Preview the Full Swing Golf next generation course content) and are more fun to play than ever. 

With the ability to play real courses from around the world, from any location, day or night, in under 1 hour, means you can play or practice on your own terms. With integrated performance products such as powerful, multi-view Video Analysis systems, Balance Plates and state of the art Markerless Motion Capture software, the game improvement benefits of golf simulators is instantaneous and translates directly to the course. The impact of these tools needs to be experienced first hand to be appreciated.

Top Instructors, retailers, golf clubs, and golf centers around the world use this new breed of golf simulators to power their business and experience a rapid return on investment by delighting clients and showing real results.

Full Swing Golf Simulators are truly multi-tasking, multimedia entertainment machines. Full Swing Clients can watch wall-sized television, stream Netflix movies, play any PC or console video game, or experience immersive, full screen video conferencing from their home or business. The ultimate amenity for private home, businesses and public venues, our products change the way people work and play on a daily basis.

Indoor “Screen Golf” played on a Full Swing Golf Simulator gives you the best combination of realism, game-improvement, competition, and entertainment in the industry, hands down. Whether you’re practicing to lower your handicap or playing 18 holes at Pebble with friends, our machine is simply more fun to play.


Full Swing Golf Accuracy
Full Swing Golf features exclusive, multi-sensor technology to accurately track and replicate ball flight in our simulators. By using patented infra-red sensor technology, we instantaneously measure speed and trajectory, using two infra-red sensor “windows” between the screen and the golfer. FSG can measure the exact speed and trajectory of the ball as it passes through the windows… all at the speed of light.

For Capturing club head and spin data, Full Swing Golf combines an overhead machine vision camera that watches the face of the club and spin of the ball. Combined, these technologies provide the most accurate data collection in golf simulation… period. These are the right tools for their jobs.  Other companies use cameras that multitask to collect speed, trajectory and spin – too much for just one tool, and that results in slower calculations and perceptible delays between when the ball hits the screen and virtual ball continuing on in the virtual scene. Full Swing Golf prides itself on it’s magical, real-time experience that we’ve perfected over 27 years in the business.

Accurate ball flight representation is critical to replicating golf indoors.  A Full Swing Golf simulator accurately matches natural ball flight, shot shape and distance to provide a realistic golf experience. While other simulator companies mask inferior ball flight with virtual balls that stay at the bottom of the screen while the world flies by it, our discerning, uncompromising customers won’t fall for it.  The golfer wants to see his golf shot take shape, high or low, left or right, long or short. It needs to look real. That’s what makes Full Swing Golf unique and the leader of the Indoor Golf Industry.

Full Swing Golf marries both the real and virtual worlds unlike any other simulator. Our infra-red sensors track balls movie at over 200mph and communicate ball-flight info instantaneously to the software. The result is real-time ball flight, a seamless continuation from real world to virtual world. This is only possible with our patented lightwave technology.  Other simulators suffer inherent latency due to computer, image or tracking delays – meaning there is a noticeable lag from when the ball hits the screen and when it continues into the virtual scene.  This is especially noticeable in the short game when “feel” is most important. Only Full Swing Golf simulators can provide the ultimate, real-time, real-feeling golf experience.

FSG is celebrating 27 years in the golf simulation business. Our reliable equipment, dedication to customer satisfaction and superior products have  allowed us to build a strong business, with thousands of golf simulators delivered to touring pro’s, top instructors, golf centers and celebrity clients around the world. Over time, we’ve seen competitors come and go, with promises broken, and disappointed partners and clients coming to us for proven systems and results. Full Swing Golf is the worldwide leader in golf simulation, and will continue to lead through our tireless innovation and dedication to building the ultimate golf simulation products for the thousands of clients we’ve had the privledge to serve over the years. There’s a reason our referral and repeat business is so strong, and we build our reputation one swing at a time.

With hundreds of courses represented over several software packages we offer, Full Swing offers more courses than any other Simulator Company, bar none. Our primary software platform, features over 80 authentic and licensed championship courses, with only a handful of “fantasy” courses that others build their entire business on. Full Swing is dedicated to helping our clients play real golf on real courses from around the world, so go the extra mile to get the best courses, using the best data, and build lasting relationships with premiere clubs around the globe.  With so many real courses and tournament courses, our clients can play along with the pros where the tour is this week, or practice on the actual course where they are going on vacation next month. Custom course design and visualization is also available for clients who wish to add their club to the simulator, or for architects who want to preview and refine courses under development. Contact us for more information on how to get your course into the system.

Ease of use and natural experiences are critical to choosing the right simulator. Full Swing’s touchscreen interfaces are second to none. You’ll find playing with a FSG touchscreen is a pleasant and fun experience, compared to other software that can be a confusing mess of screens and options.  From the moment you step into a Full Swing Simulator you’ll find the software to be intuitive, easy to use, and quick. Full motion and Voice Control modules are coming soon that will take the entire experience to the next level.

With the largest Indoor Golf Club in North America and Europe, Full Swing Golf has tens of thousands of users who participate in online competitions with real prizes and results. With our large community of golfers, there is always an available tournament for you to join. With our S-Series simulators, golfers can see and play each other in real time, with fully connected simulators that will revolutionize the sport of indoor golf. Golf center owners can benefit from revenue share programs such as our “supershot” competitions that attract clients with weekly prizes and hole in one rewards.