The VRX VIPER Features:
3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Base with Locking Wheels.

G27 Steering Wheel, Pedals, and Side-Mounted 6 Speed Shifter.

ButtkickerTM Advanced Tactile Vibration Feedback System.

Authentic Sparco Racing Seat – the most reliable & technically advanced racing car seats in the world.

Polished Stainless Steel reinforced Tubing for a Lifetime of Durability.

Water-Cut CNC Machined Aluminum Brackets and Parts for Easy Lightweight Adjustments.

Also Included:

Shipping and Handling.

PlayStation 3 with 2 Games.

Gran Turismo
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

* Surround Sound Receiver with HDMI input required
** Advance planning and pre-wiring is highly recommended to properly install this chair.