The concept behind the golf darts is to marry the timeless fun of traditional pub darts with the technology and large scale experience of the Full Swing Golf Simulator.

There are two major differences between traditional darts and this virtual version, one of which is the dart board is blown up to a massive scale, measuring at about 7 feet in diameter. Definitely makes for more accurate scoring during those late nights at the pub!

The second distinction on this version is the use of golf balls instead of darts. By throwing the ball at the intended target, a resulting dart will appear on the board exactly where it hit the screen – compliments of the patented tracking system built into the simulator. Bars, hotels, corporate events, indoor centers, and private homes will all find this to be an excellent complement to the variety of games offered by Full Swing Golf.

Tradition Reinvented

Full Swing Golf has added a suite of all new virtual dart games to its list of simulations available for purchase. Golf Darts is a valuable addition to Full Swing’s software offerings as home owners and patrons of event hospitality, bars, and indoor centers will all find it quite addicting.